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Custom Vimeo BBCode for UBB.Threads

I’ve had quite a few customers request a custom BBCode for Vimeo, so rather than go into a long post about it, I will post the file and some short instructions on how to implement.

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A Better YouTube custom BBcode

A forum that I consult to ( SimHQ ), recently informed me that YouTube has changed the URL format for when you click the “Share” Link below the video. It no longer matches the URL in the address bar and this was causing some confusion.

The URL in the address bar remains the familiar one that links to, adding the ?v=xxxx parameter as always, but the Share link has gone a different way now.

So… how do we modify the existing custom BBCode tag to accomplish this, you ask?

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UBB.threads user selectable tooltip preferences

In version 7.3 of UBB.threads, we introduced tooltips. This allows users to hover over a topic title in a lists of posts for a forum and have a sneak preview of what was inside, so to speak.

Well, the mistake I made was to make it only an admin selectable option. In other words the entire user base for a particular forum would either have it or not have it. This caused problems, because I’ve found that users either love it or hate it and the middle ground is rare.

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Image upload directly into your post

A feature that has always been needed is a simple way to upload images directly into a new post without having to either upload to a gallery forum first or a popular picture sharing site, then link to it.

There are other methods too, including having a companion photopost installation that links the board members together, but in the end, you can’t beat, just clicking on a button in the editor toolbar, selecting a number of images and uploading them right into a post.

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Upcoming events Custom Island

Ubb.threads has a very underused, but powerful capability in what are called “Custom Islands”.

You essentially can have a php code module be scheduled to run at whatever interval you want to produce output to be used as one of the custom islands (left or right) on your forums.

This will show you how

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Adding a video tag

A customer of mine recently wanted to know if I could gin up a custom ubbcode tag for and I obliged him.

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Handy Mysql queries for UBB.Threads

It’s good to have an SQL toolbox of queries at your disposal. UBB.threads has the Database Tools section, where you can save and re-use helpful queries.

Some are listed here.

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Adding a top logo to your UBB.threads forum

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone post on the UBB.central support forums, “How do I add a logo to the top of my new forum?”. It’s a simple request, really and we’ll find out that the answer is just as simple.

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