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Alternating row colors in a Post Island

UBB.threads usually allows for alternating row colors in many of the parts of the forum and it is nice to have in order to set apart the rows by color (or more specifically CSS styling).

The Post Island is such a creature that doesn’t allow this for some reason. Oversight? I really don’t know, but it is really a small tweak to put in the option to alternate the rows and make them have a distinct look.

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Adding Smiley pop-up to the Shoutbox

Have you ever wanted to have a smiley pop-up for the UBB.threads shoutbox?

Look no further, because I’ll show you how to do it.

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Demystifying UBB.threads framework – Part I

Have you ever gone to a UBB.threads site, notice something unique about it’s layout and wonder ‘how the heck did they do that’ ?

For example, there is a very well put together site that is in the ‘Community spotlight’ forum over at UBB.central called [ Love the Garden ]

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Getting more out of the Custom Island Editor

The UBB.threads custom islands are a good thing and there’s is no doubt about it!

With that said, I always like to do a little tweaking to get more out of the editing process. This article shows how a small modification can do just that.

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Getting more room in UBB.threads style editor

This is probably one of the first things I do on a new Threads installation, because I like to see more of the style information when I’m in the style editor. That’s what large monitors are for!

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UBB.threads Twitter Custom Island

Since Twitter’s the rage nowadays, it’s logical to have a Custom Island that displays the latest tweets and links to your Twitter feed for those who may want to follow you.

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UBB.threads Custom Island from an RSS feed

If you’ve ever wanted to make a UBB.threads custom island with information from an RSS Feed, then read all about it here.

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How to import a new style into UBB.threads

This article is intended to show what to look for on the import as well as to point out some particulars with regard to the imported style. It will additionally give some suggested guidelines that you might want to follow in the future.

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