100 Años de Libertad

Grandeza Mexicana Folk Ballet Company has showcased the splendor of Mexican folk dance and culture for more than two decades under the direction of Jose Vences. L.A. Dance Chronicle praises the company’s “intricately detailed movement, angles, [and] bold costumes” that exude sheer joy and pride, bringing sold-out Ford audiences to their feet. 

Its new program, 100 Años de Libertadpays tribute to the men and women of the Mexican Revolution who bravely fought for rights and liberty. A suite of dances honors the “Las Adelitas,” bands of women warriors led by legendary figures like Juana Gallo who fought alongside men as equals and helped change their status in society. Mexican and local ensembles set the musical stage for a program that explores musical differences in northern and southern Mexico and the legacy of those who fought for their rights and freedom. 

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