Archive | March, 2011
In version 7.3 of UBB.threads, we introduced tooltips. This allows users to hover over a topic title in a lists of posts for a forum and have a sneak preview of what was inside, so to speak.

Well, the mistake I made was to make it only an admin selectable option. In other words the entire user base for a particular forum would either have it or not have it. This caused problems, because I've found that users either love it or hate it and the middle ground is rare.

UBB.threads user selectable tooltip preferences

From what I’ve seen, the naysayers win in most cases and it ends up with the forum turning off the option entirely. Whoever wants it, just can’t get it. Matter of fact, this is the case over at Ubb.central right now ( I posted the solution there as well ). It’s turned off for whatever […]

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