Ashers love their Dogs

The Asher family began a carreer in the metal manufacturing sector of the automobile industry in 1983. Our specialty was mainly in the exhaust industry for performance applications with some additional military and industrial applications.

Our other passion has been our love for Dogs with never less than two running around the property at any time. The most common breeds you will find here are German Shorthaired Pointers and Labradors, but we have a deep appreciation for all the breeds.

One hot summer day Chuck Asher realized that dogs deserved a safe and comfortable place to stay and remain protected from the elements. This allowed for the perfect marriage of both our passions and expertise.

It did take a substantial amount of development to refine these products. There where the challenges of proper airflow along with insulation protection, not to mention the challenges of dogs and their often desire to destroy all things possible.

We at the Asher family believe that our products have an important part of ensuring the safety of the pets that use them as well as the peace of mind for the owners.



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All our products are currently being used for our own pets, so feel safe in knowing that your pets’ well being is very important to us.

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