Custom Vimeo BBCode for UBB.Threads

I’ve had quite a few customers request a custom BBCode for Vimeo, so rather than go into a long post about it, I will post the file and some short instructions on how to implement.

There are really two ways to add a Custom Tag. One being to manually type all the appropriate fields in and the other is to import from a previously exported tag from a working UBB.Threads site.

Since I have one working on many sites, I exported it for your convenience.

The file to import into the Custom Tag Editor is below:

[download id=”7″]

To import this file, go to your Admin Control Panel, Content tools and select the 2nd Tab ( Custom Tag Editor ).

The URL to this page would be:


where the colored text would be replaced with the base URL to your forums.

Locate the bottom menu ( or tabs, if you prefer ) and click on “Import New Tags”.

Once imported, you will see the following form:

The ‘Custom Tag’ I used is ‘vimeo’, however you are free to use the more common ‘video:vimeo’ if you would like. I prefer the shorter / less typing approach.

The other reason I use the vimeo tag, is that it mirrors the same tags or “shortcode” used in WordPress. Makes sense to keep it consistent ;)

So when the user inserts the tag into a post with the following as an example:

[ vimeo ][ /vimeo ] ( no spaces )

The result is:

Have at it and enjoy !

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