This is probably one of the first things I do on a new Threads installation, because I like to see more of the style information when I'm in the style editor. That's what large monitors are for!

Getting more room in UBB.threads style editor

This is probably one of the first things I do on a new Threads installation, because I like to see more of the style information when I’m in the style editor. Take a look below at the image and see how much horizontal realestate is wasted (click the image for full size): (more…)

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UBB.threads Twitter Custom Island

It seems as if Twitter is the rage nowadays, so it is at least logical to have the option of a UBB.threads Custom Island to display your latest tweets. Let’s do one! This tutorial will assume you know your way around the Admin control panel for UBB.threads, but if you don’t, go the [ this […]

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Listing just the directories or files in the bash shell made simpler. Just add the commands to your bash profile, set it and forget it.

The Linux Bash shell and aliases

I don’t know how many times I am in a directory that contains a huge amount of files and all I really wanted to do was just show the directories there. Since Linux isn’t my cuppa, so to speak, I always end up googling to find out what the syntax is, then perform the task […]

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If you've ever wanted to make a UBB.threads custom island with information from an RSS Feed, then read all about it here.

UBB.threads Custom Island from an RSS feed

RSS (really simple syndicated) feeds are a very versitile, simple and popular way of sharing information between web sites. It’s pretty much a defacto standard and there are many tutorials, widgets, plugins and hard coded solutions to be found by just googling. That brings me to this article and the reason I’m writing it. I […]

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This article is intended to show what to look for on the import as well as to point out some particulars with regard to the imported style. It will additionally give some suggested guidelines that you might want to follow in the future.

How to import a new style into UBB.threads

This is usually quite a simple process, if the style has no images involved in the CSS, however there are more and more styles popping up that rely on nicely shaded images to give that extra touch. In that event, it is important to do another couple steps to make a nice smooth import and […]

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Wondering how to get your own custom avatar on this site? The answer is right here and it's quite simple too!

How to enable a custom avatar using Gravatar

So, you might be wondering: “How the heck does SD have his own custom avatar on this site?” I mean, Worpdress is assigning a seemingly random one and you have no control over it. You are somewhat taken aback or just wanna know what is going on. I was like that too and was scratching […]

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Have you ever wanted a step by step pictorial on how to install a fresh copy of UBB.threads? Well look here and see one.

How to install UBB.threads on your site

There are already many install guides laying around on various sites, including the main site at UBB.central and I would highly recommend you reading it before proceeding here. It provides everything you really need to install a fresh copy of UBB.threads on your site and really precludes the need from reading further here! ;) As […]

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