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This article is intended to show what to look for on the import as well as to point out some particulars with regard to the imported style. It will additionally give some suggested guidelines that you might want to follow in the future.

How to import a new style into UBB.threads

This is usually quite a simple process, if the style has no images involved in the CSS, however there are more and more styles popping up that rely on nicely shaded images to give that extra touch. In that event, it is important to do another couple steps to make a nice smooth import and […]

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Have you ever wanted a step by step pictorial on how to install a fresh copy of UBB.threads? Well look here and see one.

How to install UBB.threads on your site

There are already many install guides laying around on various sites, including the main site at UBB.central and I would highly recommend you reading it before proceeding here. It provides everything you really need to install a fresh copy of UBB.threads on your site and really precludes the need from reading further here! ;) As […]

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